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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We ship all products in plain, non-descriptive

packaging, and the name of the product will not be anywhere on the package. All products will be sent to the designated street address, as chosen by the buyer. All personally identifying information is protected and secured by the highest levels of encryption compatible with your browser. Federal and State laws require us not to release any personal, identifying information to any party unless explicitly approved by our customers. We do not include any personal information in any email correspondence.

We value our patient information and follow all federal and state privacy laws to ensure your information is completely secure and confidential. We never exchange or sell any e-mail addresses or any personal information unless it is for medical purposes and we receive written confirmation by the patient to do so. When you enter your information into the order form, you are connected to a secure server. We utilize Thawte Secure Socket Layer (SSL) communication protocol to secure the information you have entered as it is sent over the Internet. This is accomplished by encrypting (coding) the data before it is sent, and then decrypting (decoding) the data once it is received at our site. You can tell when you are connected to our secure server because:

A little closed padlock or unbroken key will appear on the bottom of your browser’s window when you enter our secure page.
The “http” at the beginning of your URL will change to “https” when you enter our secured pages.
If at any time during your ordering procedure you see the broken key lock appear on the bottom of your browser’s window it usually is in the lower right corner when you enter our secure page or once you have left our secure area to continue shopping. At NO TIME enter your personal information if the key lock is broken. Please contact our office to place your order via telephone and please advise us of any error you may have encountered.


We accept order cancellation within 24hrs of your order being shipped. Please submit an email to or contact our sales office Mon – Sat 10am – 7pm M.S.T.

Please note: All product must be returned unopened IN IT’S ORIGINAL PACKAGING.

In Certain cases due to an act of god, human or clerical error we will accept returns provided all products are unopened in their original packaging. Each case will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Any CHARGEBACKS / DISPUTES to credit cards without communicating with us first will be treated as Fraudulent. All details, including original order form, Terms and Conditions, username, IP addresses and access logs bearing members IP addresses and or e-mail addresses, order numbers, usernames, passwords and all email communication will be forwarded to the issuing Credit Card Company (Fraud Division), FBI (Credit Card Fraud Division) and all Credit Reference Agencies which will probably result in a query into members credit card payment habits.

Credit Card Fraud is a serious crime and will not be tolerated.
Thank you, Management,